Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Oscar Win Seems Unstoppable

Film fans all throughout the country are overjoyed.  

With Oppenheimer dominating the 96th Oscar nominations with 13 nods, everyone expects Christopher Nolan 

one of our generation's most defining directors, to finally win the Best Director award.  

The fact that he has only been nominated once in the category, for Dunkirk 

and has failed to make the list for both The Dark Knight and Inception is completely absurd 

as is the fact that he has lost both of his prior Screenplay nominations 

Even with a month and a half until the ceremony, the odds appear to be in Nolan's favor this year. 

He won both the Golden Globe and the Critics' Choice Awards, and his film Oppenheimer became the highest-grossing biopic of all time and the second-highest-grossing R-rated film.  

The only question remaining is how his odds compare to recent winners in the category. 

However, the defining consistency in Oscar history is that, while splits have become more common in recent years, the picture that wins Best Picture almost always also wins Best Director. 

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