Can You Build Muscle in a Calorie Deficit?

With outdated concepts of "bulking" and "cutting," it can appear that our goals for fitness should be binary, focusing on one thing at a time

These bodybuilding-related ideas have some validity; it makes sense to concentrate on one objective at a time,

whether that be gaining muscle or losing fat. Chasing two rabbits at once is the outcome of attempting to pursue both at the same time.

Consequently, you might not succeed either.On the other hand,

 evidence suggests that building muscle while on a calorie deficit may not be as unrealistic as previously believed—this is known as "body recomposition.

" Let Men's Health help you maximize your fat loss goals without jeopardizing your progress by breaking down the current science behind these complicated topics.

Yes, it is feasible for some people to gain muscle while on a low-calorie diet. For instance, people with higher BMIs,

 inexperience with resistance training, or both may react more strongly to weightlifting and lose more fat mass when following a calorie deficit. 

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