Caitríona Balfe, from Outlander, offers amusing filmmaking advise for Sam Heughan. 

Actress Caitriona Balfe has discussed what it was truly like to work with Sam Heughan on the Outlander series.  

However, actress and producer Caitrona Balfe has opened up about shooting the sweeping Starz drama series alongside fellow actor and executive Sam Heughan.   

Outlander season seven, part two is scheduled to premiere at some time in 2024.  

The series' star-crossed lovers Claire and Jamie Fraser are portrayed by actors Balfe, 43, and Heughan, 43.  

Who have been working on the project since its launch in 2014. Their chemistry is a vital component of the show.  

Although it didn't always go according to plan, the two actors have developed a shorthand over time when filming their sequences together.  

When asked who would laugh first when filming Outlander, Balfe said it was "always" her since she would corpse first.  

The Women of Outlander panel at the ATX TV Festival included Irish actor Balfe, who opened out to the audience by saying, "Always.  

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