Bryce Dallas Howard says Taylor Swift's 'Unapologetic Dorkiness' inspired her 'Argylle' character.

Taylor Swift may not have secretly written Argylle, but it doesn't mean she wasn't involved in the cinematic adaption.  

On the most recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, leading lady Bryce Dallas Howard confirmed that

contrary to popular belief, the 34-year-old pop star did not write Elly Conway's debut novel Argylle under a pseudonym

 nor did Swift have any official involvement in the upcoming film based on the spy novel. 

 "We can't pretend she was involved," the actress remarked on the Friday (Jan. 26) episode, according to People.

Howard continued, "The reality is [Swift] was in many ways a great inspiration."

"She is a cat lady," added the Jurassic World star. 

 "She walks around with this amazing backpack with a kitten inside. She enjoys wearing argyle sweaters and exudes an unashamed dorkiness. That's similar to how my character behaves." 

Argylle, which hits theaters on February 2, follows Howard's character, Elly, a novelist and devoted cat mother

as she unwittingly becomes engaged in the perilous world of secret operatives after realizing that her fictitious espionage books foretold real events. 

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