bowls of ground beef stir-fried with teriyaki sauce.

A tried-and-true approach for putting dinner on the table in a short amount of time, stir-frying is a versatile and straightforward cooking technique. 

We enjoy stir-frying for a wide variety of inexpensive and simple dinners, but this particular dish, which blends ground beef with broccoli, carrots, and teriyaki sauce, is one of our favorites.

When using ground beef, there is no need to slice or dice the meat; you can simply transfer it straight from the container to the pan and begin cooking.

For the stir-fry to avoid becoming oily, it is recommended that you use lean ground beef in this recipe. You can tailor the meat or veggies to your preferences when you stir-fry, but it is occasionally helpful to have a guide to follow.

Stir-frying is a very versatile cooking method. However, if you follow these three guidelines, you will be able to create the ideal stir-fry dish. Here, beef, broccoli, and shredded carrots round out the dish.

For the purpose of completing the dish, we made two of these recipes. The first is a handmade teriyaki sauce that, as it cooks in the pan, thickens and imparts flavor and seasoning to the meat and veggies before being served. 

 The second sauce is a finishing sauce made of sour cream and sriracha, which is drizzled over the top. This sauce adds a non-traditional creamy flavor in addition to a little bit of heat.

Because your stir-fry can be finished in as little as a few minutes once you begin cooking it, you should have everything diced up and ready to go before you begin. 

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