Bill Belichick willing to relinquish Patriots personnel authority

While several head coach-needy teams are lining up for Bill Belichick's services, there has been no news on the coach's future in New England 

While both sides may still be on the verge of divorce, it appears like the renowned head coach is willing to make concessions in order to remain with the Patriots.  

Belichick confessed to reporters after Sunday's regular-season finale that he was considering handing up his personnel power. 

"Look, I'm for whatever we collectively decide as an organization is the best thing to help our football team," Belichick told ESPN's Mike Reiss 

"I have several roles in that, and I rely on a number of people to assist me with those tasks 

someone needs to make the final decision. Whatever the process is, I'm just a part of it." 

When asked about his work situation and if he will be continuing with the team, Belichick stated that he is still "under contract" 

will continue to function as usual. When asked if owner Robert Kraft had offered any indication that he would return next season, Belichick reacted in usual form. 

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