Best Life: 2024: Eating for health

– Post-Holiday Weight Gain: Americans gain 1-5 pounds during holidays, making it a challenge to bounce back in the new year.

– Fibre Focus: Increase daily soluble fibre intake by 10g to reduce the risk of belly fat; choose foods like oatmeal, grains, flaxseeds, sweet potatoes, and fruits.

– Alcohol Awareness: Limit alcohol consumption due to its high-calorie content, hunger-inducing effect, inhibition of fat burning, and promotion of cravings for unhealthy foods.

– Hydration Habit: If drinking alcohol, ensure adequate water intake in between to stay hydrated and minimise its negative impact on diet.

– Sodium Scrutiny: Control sodium intake, as each 1g increase per day is linked to a 15% higher risk of obesity; guidelines recommend limiting daily salt intake to about one teaspoon.

– Protein Power: Boost metabolism and calorie burning by incorporating more protein into your diet; aim for 30% of daily calories from protein sources for effective weight loss.

– Mindful Eating: Consider mindfulness meditation as part of a healthy lifestyle, with just five minutes a day shown to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone linked to increased appetite and impulsive eating.

– Small Changes, Big Impact: Transform your health gradually by making mindful choices in eating habits, hydration, and lifestyle, ensuring a sustainable and positive impact on overall well-being.


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