An insider says Kelce and Swift apparently got engaged secretly on New Year's Eve: Find out 

An informant says Taylor Swift is engaged to Travis Kelce but has kept it a secret. The insider revealed Travis-Taylor's engagement: 

T Swift and Travis Kelce are engaged. An informant said the couple exchanged rings on New Year's 2024 but kept their engagement a secret. 

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's secret engagement: everything you need to know.  

Truth behind Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's engagement rumor Around New Year 2024, speculations circulated that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be engaged on their one anniversary.

Recently, it was revealed that they are engaged. The New Year's Eve engagement is believed to have been top-secret. 

An unnamed Deux Moi podcaster revealed Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's secret engagement. 

A person close to the pair told the creator. "Travis and Taylor engaged 12/31.  

The source said they did it alone before that party they were photographed at. 

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