'Alien' Sequel Gets 'What If...?' Treatment From Marvel

Following the release of the second season of the What If...? TV series on Disney+, Marvel Comics is expanding their classic concept to a new franchise.

The studio has announced that it will release an Aliens: What If...? comic book series later this year,

offering a different perspective on the events of the Alien sequel. The five-issue series, written by Hans Rodionoff, Brian Volk-Weiss, and Adam F. 

Goldberg, and illustrated by Guiu Vilanova, will take place in a timeline in which Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) has survived the events of Aliens. 

 In the sequel, directed by James Cameron, the character's fate is undetermined, but his death is later verified in other media.

In 1977, Marvel Comics debuted the concept of What If...? by publishing a comic book series in which important events from their most well-known franchises occurred differently.

The concept was implemented into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an animated series that explores universes where events from the franchise's films took a detour.

However, the concept of other timelines and its exploration had never been central to the Alien franchise previously. According to Marvel, Reiser and his son, Leon, helped create this new plot.

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