A new study found Austin's top pet names.

– Rover's annual "Most Popular Pet Names" report highlights both common and trending pet names in the United States.

– Classic names like Max, Charlie, Milo, and Luna remain popular across the country.

– Austin stands out in embracing unique pet names, according to the study.

– Top-trending dog names include “Kelce” (135% increase), “Wednesday” (92% spike), and “Oak” (90% surge).

– For cats, top-trending names are “Norbert” (156% jump), “Soju” (131% increase), and “Snoop” (117% rise).

– Rover's rankings only include names with a minimum of 50 new entries in 2023.

The study reveals a growing interest in unconventional pet names. 

– The findings indicate a shift towards creativity and individuality in naming pets, with unique choices gaining popularity.

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