A Long Recovery for Randy Travis

Randy Travis, the country music legend, filmed an intimate acoustic concert in 2011 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his iconic album "Storms of Life."  

However, unforeseen circumstances delayed the release of this footage, which would ultimately become a significant part of a new documentary, "Randy Travis: More Life." 

In 2013, while the concert footage was being prepared for release, Randy Travis faced a life-threatening medical crisis. 

He was admitted to a Dallas hospital due to complications from viral cardiomyopathy and suffered a massive stroke, resulting in brain surgery and leaving him unable to play the guitar or perform.  

This incident also severely limited his ability to speak. Astonishingly, despite the bleak prognosis given by doctors – a mere 1 or 2 percent chance of survival – Randy Travis is still with us today, at 63. 

The documentary "Randy Travis: More Life" not only showcases this poignant concert but also delves into the rest of Randy's remarkable journey.  

It covers his numerous medical emergencies, extended rehabilitation involving innovative techniques like neuro-acupuncture, hyperbaric chamber treatment, and stem cell injections, as well as his retirement on his ranch in Tioga, Texas.  

The documentary is available for rent on various streaming platforms or can be watched for free on Randy Travis's YouTube channel, with episodes releasing every two weeks through July 7. 

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