9 things unsuccessful individuals do every morning

Success implies different things to everyone. Some seek financial gain, others personal fulfillment. 

Successful people know you must act immediately. They know that doing a task right soon is better than putting it off.

1) Procrastination

Many unsuccessful people start their day without a plan. They handle jobs as they arrive, but a proactive approach works better. 

2) Winging it

Each day brings fresh problems. Poor individuals focus on these obstacles from the time they wake up, setting themselves up for failure before they even drink coffee.

3) Negativity

We all have days we want to cancel plans. This resonates with me as an introvert. 

4) Isolation over engagement

How often have you slept in only to wake up running late and panicking? 

5) Oversleeping

During my childhood, my father and I fought over breakfast.

6) Skipping breakfast

First, I adore my morning coffee to start my day. Like, lots. My spirit wants coffee's sweetness, but my body needs water.

7) Inadequate hydration

Before I wake up, I check emails, read the news, and let social media consume me.

8) Immediately surfing the web

In the morning, unsuccessful people neglect physical activity. They start work without light exercise.

9) Avoiding exercise 

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