8 Vegan Frozen Pizzas That Rival Delivery

Where can you buy pizza now? It may be as easy as exploring the freezer aisles at the grocery store. While certain places may have fewer options, practically every major grocery chain sells at least one frozen vegan pizza brand. Explore these eight companies on your next shopping excursion.

The best frozen vegan pizza

Chef-led brand Blackbird Foods began as a seitan supplier to New York eateries but has now become a prominent vegan company specializing in wings and pizza. Choose Margherita, Supreme, BBQ, or kale and mushroom.

Blackbird Food

Vegan Sweet Earth pizzas include the Veggie Lovers and Mushroom Lovers. Both have thin stone-baked crusts. Smothered in a fiery marinara and cauliflower herb sauce, the former is topped with broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. The latter has white, portabello, and crimini mushrooms with a delicate caramelized onion truffle sauce.

Sweet Earth

The vegan cheese king is also a frozen pizza superstar, which makes sense. It has vegan pizzas for every taste in your party. People who like meat? Serve Pepperoni, Meatless Meat Lover's, or Supreme (with Beyond Meat Italian Sausage Style Crumbles) Pizza. True vegetarians may choose Fire-Roasted Vegetable, while cheese enthusiasts would like Cheeze Lover's.


Vegan alternatives from this firm are great. They use organic wheat and wheat bran in their crusts and organic tomatoes, onions, red wine, carrots, celery, garlic, herbs, black pepper, and red pepper flakes in their tomato sauce.

American Flatbread

Neapolitan-inspired Canadian business Oggi Foods makes real Italian-style pizzas that will transport you to Positano without the journey or effort. The firm designed Siciliana and Americana plant-based pizzas using Beyond Meat and Good Planet Foods. 

Oggi Food

This established vegetarian company offers several vegan-friendly frozen meals, including pizza. Choose from a Margherita, Vegan Supreme (with a variety of veggies and plant-based pepperoni and sausage), or Roasted Vegetable (with mushrooms, red peppers, artichoke hearts, and balsamic vinegar). 

Amy’s Kitchen

Sprouts' Fire Roasted Vegetable Vegan Pizza, topped with fire-roasted peppers, red onion, and vegan mozzarella, is stone-baked and hand-stretched with a thin, crispy Neapolitan dough, is perfect for freezing.

Sprouts Farmers Market

With its gluten-free, non-GMO, and 15-allergen-free pizzas, this vegan company is sure to please the whole family. They also taste wonderful. Tuscan, Mediterranean, Italian Sausage, and Chick'n BBQ are available.

Clo Clo

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