8 Easy Steps to Arrange Flowers Professionally

While anyone can throw a few flowers in a vase, flower arrangement requires more thinking and talent. It takes time and forethought to make a great centerpiece and keep flowers fresh.

Choose a color palette before buying flowers to guide your arrangement. So when you buy flowers, you know you're getting complementary colors. 

Step 1: Decide on a flower arrangement design.

When you get home with your flowers, you may want to arrange straight away. However, there are vital actions to prepare and preserve flowers.

Step 2: Cut and prepare flowers.

Consider the flowers in your arrangement before choosing a vase. Moss suggests a weighted vase for tall branches or top-heavy blooms and a straight-sided vase for tulips. 

Step 3: Choose a vessel.

One of the most crucial flower arrangement techniques is choosing the right containers. Your arrangement will break apart if the flowers don't have a solid base. 

Step 4: Prepare your flower vase.

Greenery is the greatest base for floral arrangement. Ivy, fern, and eucalyptus are fantastic greenery choices. Use greenery stalks to form an inverted triangular shape. 

Step 5: Create a base with greenery.

Focal flowers are frequently huge or unusually colored or textured. Consider adding odd numbers for a more natural look. If the focus flowers are jutting out on the sides, they'll seem droopy and heavy. 

Step 6: Add focal flowers.

Surround the central blooms with lesser flowers and textured embellishments. Again, don't position all supporting flowers vertically or laterally.

Step 7: Add filler flowers.

Add floaters or fragile flowers like baby's breath, sedum, or yarrow. Put these last to avoid squishing or burying by heavier blooms. Moss recommends misting your floral arrangement with water before presenting to simulate dew. 

Step 8: Finish your flower arrangement.

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