6 Winter Flower Arrangements using Store-Bought Blooms

A winter floral arrangement is the perfect Christmas centerpiece. But you don't need to spend a fortune on pre-arranged floral displays to impress guests.

A gathered centerpiece requires mismatched glasses. Trim stems and place one in each glass halfway full of water. We combined red carnations, white roses, green spider mums, evergreen, and eucalyptus sprigs.

1. Vintage-Inspired Floral Arrangement

With red roses and winter silver brunia, hydrangeas look festive in a holiday arrangement. Start with hydrangeas in a tall pitcher. To finish, place roses and berries amid the blooms. 

2. Unexpected Winter Flower

This time, bigger is better. A big poinsettia dominates this arrangement, supported by fir sprigs and hypericum stalks. Support your centerpiece bloom with a floral frog or chicken wire ball. Add stems behind the poinsettia.

3. Poinsettia Centerpiece

Though elaborate, this winter flower arrangement is easy! Chicken wire balls can be shaped into flower supports for containers. Put cut stems into the support in the middle of the container and finish with shorter stems around the perimeter. 

4. Ornamental Arrangement

This low-rise winter flower arrangement is mostly grocery store greens. White spider chrysanthemum, roses, variegated pittosporum, seeded eucalyptus, and short-needle pine are included.

5. Green Holiday Floral Centerpiece

Beautiful and bold, this monochrome arrangement will grab attention. Make a chicken wire or floral foam support for the container (taller is better). 

6. Red Floral Arrangement

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