2024 NFL Draft Order: Top 24 First-Round Picks Set Following Wild-Card Playoffs

The order for the first round of the 2024 NFL draft became slightly clearer as a result of Super Wild Card Weekend.

Postseason defeats and the end of the season are especially difficult for postseason teams, but the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and Philadelphia

Eagles are likely to be even more disheartened. Each team was a title contender for much of the season, only to have their Super Bowl ambitions dashed during the first week of the playoffs.

Now that their first-round draft positions have been determined, those teams must focus on the offseason.

The draft order is chosen by record, with strength of schedule serving as a tiebreaker. 

The final eight first-round places will be determined by the future playoff outcomes. Teams that lost this previous weekend hold places 19-24.

The final eight first-round spots will be determined by future playoff results. Teams that lost the previous weekend rank 19-24.

Chicago Bears (from Panthers) – Carolina Panthers' record is 2-15 (strength of schedule:.522).

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