10 subtle things people do when they don’t really want to be in a Relationship.

Limited Communication: 

They respond infrequently to texts or calls and may not initiate communication. Limited engagement can suggest a lack of interest in maintaining regular contact. 

Avoiding Future Plans: 

They shy away from making plans for the future together. Avoidance of discussions about long-term commitments may indicate hesitancy about a serious relationship. 

Keeping Things Casual: 

They prefer to keep the relationship casual, avoiding deep emotional conversations or discussions about the future. This can be a way to maintain distance. 

Limited Quality Time: 

They consistently find reasons not to spend quality time together. If they prioritize other activities over spending time with you, it may signal a lack of interest. 

Reluctance to Introduce to Friends or Family: 

A person not interested in a committed relationship might be hesitant to introduce you to their close circle. They may keep personal and social spheres separate. 

Keeping Options Open: 

They might not want to commit exclusively and may still be exploring other potential romantic interests or maintaining a single status. 

Resisting Labels:

They avoid defining the relationship or using labels like "boyfriend" or "girlfriend." This reluctance may indicate a desire to keep things undefined. 

Lack of Emotional Availability: 

They might be emotionally distant or closed off, making it challenging to connect on a deeper level. Emotional unavailability can be a sign of a lack of interest in a committed relationship. 

Frequent Cancelations: 

Constantly canceling plans or being unavailable can be a way of signaling that they are not fully committed to the relationship. 

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